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Serena Seeks One Last US Open Win, Raducanu Struggles


August 27, 2022

Serena Williams has been seeking one last win for some time. In recent years that meant one last Grand Slam title, to draw level with Margaret Court’s historic 24 majors. But that dream faded with the passing years and did it really matter? What Serena has achieved in the modern era makes her the greatest […]

We Should All Be Serena Williams Fans Now


February 16, 2021

Serena Williams just did something truly unbelievable – even for Serena Williams. That’s quite a claim when you consider that she already has 23 Grand Slams to her name. But it’s true. Serena just surpassed herself. She just improved her game. Americans have always loved Serena. Now everyone should love her. She just gained revenge […]

Now We’re Seeing The Real Coco Gauff


May 21, 2020

We’re seeing the real Coco Gauff right now because her schedule isn’t dominated by the tennis tour. And guess what? She’s amazing! And that can only bode well for Wimbledon 2021. Coco’s Twitter feed over the last month or so gives us great insight into the girl with the world at her feet. Has international […]

How are Wimbledon Tickets Allocated?


October 1, 2019

Have you ever wondered how are Wimbledon tickets allocated? Every June, the residential London neighbourhood of Wimbledon is transformed from a quiet, stylish town into the centre of the sporting world. Wimbledon is an iconic event unlike anything else – one that millions of people want to attend. Despite the massive popularity of Wimbledon and […]

How Many Players Compete at Wimbledon?


Wimbledon is widely regarded as the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament, and for good reason. With royal attendance and many of the world’s top players on the roster, few tennis tournaments can match The Championships. One question that tennis fans often have about Wimbledon regards the number of players involved. From men’s singles to mixed […]

Could It Be Nadal 20, Federer 20 For Wimbledon 2020?


September 4, 2019

Roger Federer’s dramatic defeat to Grigor Dimitrov in New York has raised a fascinating possibility: could Federer go into Wimbledon 2020 level with Rafael Nadal on twenty Grand Slams each? Some would say at this particular point in time this stunning scenario is more of a probability than a possibility. The two best-loved players of […]

Serena Thrashes Sharapova, Federer Survives Scare


August 27, 2019

Serena Williams didn’t allow her recent back problems to stop her from doing what she loves best on a tennis court – soundly beating Maria Sharapova. At least that is what Serena appears to enjoy most – apart from winning Grand Slams, of course. You don’t win nineteen times in a row against a quality […]

Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon without the Americans!


July 7, 2019

WIMBLEDON WOULDN’T BE WIMBLEDON WITHOUT AMERICANS! Try to imagine Wimbledon over the years without Americans. It just wouldn’t have been the same, would it? Rebellious, record-breaking, glamorous or just utterly brilliant, the Americans always add something – and that’s why we can’t wait to welcome them in 2024. A new generation of US stars has […]

Wimbledon – The Most Glamorous Celebrities Attend


November 30, 2018

Who will come to Wimbledon 2019? Celebrities, Royals, Sporting Heroes? The simple answer is: just about everybody who is anybody in showbiz! How do we know? Well, let’s just reflect upon the celebrity list from Wimbledon 2018. And as you drool over the sheer glamour of it all, there is one inescapable conclusion. Wimbledon is […]

Wimbledon and the Armed Forces: A History


November 1, 2018

As one of the UK’s most iconic sporting events and one of the four prestigious Grand Slam tennis tournaments, Wimbledon has been an important part of British culture since it first took place at the All England Club in 1877. Wimbledon is known for its famous all-white dress code, its close association with the Royal […]

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