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How Many Players Compete at Wimbledon?


October 1, 2019

Wimbledon is widely regarded as the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament, and for good reason. With royal attendance and many of the world’s top players on the roster, few tennis tournaments can match The Championships. One question that tennis fans often have about Wimbledon regards the number of players involved. From men’s singles to mixed doubles, how many players take part in The Championships?

Singles: From the 1st Round to the Final

Both the men’s and women’s singles tournaments go through seven stages. The first round involves 128 players, with each successive round halving the total number of players until the finals start. 128 players compete in the men’s singles and women’s singles. If you map out each stage of the tournament, the total number of players in both singles classes halves with each round:

  • During the 1st Round, there are 128 singles players
  • During the 2nd Round, there are 64 singles players
  • During the 3rd Round, there are 32 singles players
  • During the 4th Round, there are 16 singles players
  • During the Quarter Finals, there are eight singles players
  • During the Semi Finals, there are four singles players


Obviously, there are only two players remaining by the final. Since the men’s and women’s singles tournaments both include 128 players, a total of 256 players take part in the singles tournaments at Wimbledon. It’s a lot of people, isn’t it? In order to win the men’s or women’s singles tournament, a player needs to win six matches to make it from the 1st Round to the final, and then secure victory in the final.

Men’s and Women’s Doubles: 64 Teams

64 teams enter the men’s doubles tournament, with another 64 teams entering the women’s doubles. Since there are two players in each team and 64 teams in each of the tournaments, a total of 256 people take part in the men’s and women’s doubles tournament at Wimbledon.

Mixed Doubles: 48 teams

Unlike the men’s and women’s doubles, which have 64 teams per tournament, the mixed doubles only involves 48 teams. Because of the unusual number of teams, a number of participants are on bye during early stages of the tournament. Since there are 48 teams with two players on each team, the mixed doubles involves a total of 96 players.

How many players are there in total?

There are 128 players in the men’s singles tournament, 128 in the women’s singles tournament, 128 in the men’s doubles tournament, 128 in the women’s doubles tournament and a further 96 players in the mixed doubles tournament. Theoretically, this means that 608 players take part in Wimbledon.

However, it’s important to remember that many players might take part in several events – for example, the men’s and mixed doubles – so it may not be exactly 608 players.

It’s also important to remember that Wimbledon involves games for juniors, seniors and wheelchair players. Although there might be 608 players involved in the main events, the tournament itself involves more than 1,000 different athletes.

Learn more about the players at Wimbledon

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