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Alexander Zverev Takes Down Carlos Alcaraz At ATP Finals

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November 14, 2023

Alexander Zverev provided an early shock at the ATP Finals when he defeated reigning Wimbledon champion Carlos Alcaraz.

The Spanish sensation has experienced something of a dip in form recently. He could probably do with a complete rest after losing three matches in a row for the first time since 2021.

Take nothing away from Zverev, though. The German is back in the hunt for meaningful trophies – and probably can’t wait for more Grand Slam action.

Alexander Zverev and Carlos Alcaraz should both be in top form for Wimbledon 2024!

For now, only Sascha is hitting the year-end heights. He threatened to take the first set before being edged out on the tie-break.

From that point on, there was no doubt which player was performing best. Zverev ran out a clear winner, 6-7 (3-7), 6-3, 6-4.

But injury-prone Sascha did suffer an injury scare when he went over on his left ankle and winced in pain.

Zverev admitted: ‘I slipped and there was pain for a while. But I don’t think any damage has been done. We will see when it settles down.’

Meanwhile Daniil Medvedev saw off Alexander Rublev 6-4, 6-2 to send out a warning to his rivals that he is ready for an assault on the title.

First-day winners Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner might have something to say about that. And Djokovic certainly cannot be beaten for confidence.

The world number one said: ‘If I don’t want to be humble and be honest, I’m winning the tournament. If I want to be humble, I’m also winning the tournament.’

Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic will also aim to go deep at Wimbledon 2024. It could be Novak’s last Championships.

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