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Coco Gauff Is US Open Champion at Flushing Meadows

US Open

September 9, 2023

Coco Gauff just wrote the tennis story everyone has wanted to read for years.

In many ways it began at Wimbledon when she was just fifteen.

Still a teenager, the American sensation has just created a fairy tale in New York.

It made her cry. It even made her father cry.

And yet for all the world it looked as though Gauff was to about be overpowered by the new world number one.

It seemed for a while she was also overawed by the enormity of the occasion – and how understandable that would have been.

But Coco Gauff’s Grand Slam story started with courage. And it has reached the perfect peak because she still possesses so much of that same precious quality.

So it was that Gauff turned the tide and won her first major, beating Aryna Sabalenka 2-6, 6-3, 6-2. She had never beaten a top ten player from a set down before. But the huge crowd demanded it – and Coco duly delivered.

What a superstar she is. We can’t wait to welcome her back to London.

Coco Gauff will be a true superstar at Wimbledon 2024. She is already adored by the Centre Court crowds.

She will doubtless follow the Williams sisters into genuine greatness, which is surely fitting.

They inspired her when she was a child, after all.

Gauff has been building towards this all year. She won Washington DC, Then she won Cincinnati. But we hardly dared to believe she would complete her extraordinary American journey in New York.

‘Thank you to those who didn’t believe in me,’ she said. ‘You thought you were pouring water on my fire. You were adding fuel to the fire. And right now I’m burning so bright.’

And of course in career terms Coco’s sparkling journey has only just begun.

But when she fell on her back after completing the killer backhand pass on Ashe, we struggled to remember anything more moving in recent times. The tears. The hugs with her parents. It was just perfect.

‘I’d never seen my dad cry before tonight,’ Coco admitted. ‘He thinks he’s so hard. He isn’t really.’

What could top this? Maybe nothing!

Coco Gauff winning Wimbledon 2024 might just equal this, though. It would mean she has come full circle.

Come and watch Coco at Wimbledon 2024.

We can make sure you have some of the best seats to enjoy her next fair tale.

And if you want to cry with joy too, that’s just fine.

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