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Will Roger Federer Appear At Wimbledon 2022 Today?


July 2, 2022

Roger Federer is capable of making headlines even when he isn’t playing.

He is a global superstar and one of the greatest sportsmen the world has ever known.

Indeed his style and grace seem to transcend sport itself. That’s how loved he is all over the planet.

Roger Federer could delight Wimbledon 2022 just by walking onto Centre Court and waving at the crowd.

Imagine the reception the great man would receive from an adoring public!

Thousands of thrilled supporters would be sure to give Federer a standing ovation for all he has achieved at the All England Club.

And it seems at least possible that we could see just such a surprise appearance by Federer on Middle Sunday of this new-look Wimbledon.

Don’t forget, Wimbledon 2022 is Centre Court’s Centenary Year.

And we know many of the centenary celebrations will take place on this Middle Sunday.

Traditionally it has been a day of rest at Wimbledon, followed of course by Manic Monday.

Every single player still left in the tournament used to make an appearance on that second Monday of the tournament.

But playing on Sunday removes the need for that. And since this Sunday becomes pioneering and historic in equal measure, it will also offer the chance to salute some past champions.

There is no former Wimbledon champion more loved than Roger Federer.

Could he join other all-time-greats in a unique ceremony? A procession of the tennis heroes from recent times and further back in time?

There is no firm evidence that Federer’s presence is anticipated. But how we would love to see him!

The issue probably boils down to this: will Federer’s knee injury be worsened by taking a flight to London from his native Switzerland?

His recovery process has probably passed the point whereby a flight could cause him a setback.

After all, Federer is aiming to play in the Laver Cup in September.

The All England Club would surely love to have Federer there as part of their centenary celebrations.

He is such an important figure now in the history of Wimbledon.

If Federer doesn’t show up, you can bet there will be a very good reason, probably related to his fightback from injury.

In that case he could appear by video to address the crowd.

But it’s just a hunch of ours that we think he could become the biggest non-playing tennis star of Wimbledon 2022.

Is it just wishful thinking? Maybe.

Or maybe Centre Court ticket holders on Middle Sunday will get the surprise of their spectator lives!

Wouldn’t it be great to welcome Roger Federer back to Wimbledon before it’s too late?

Roger Federer doesn’t have to play to earn a standing ovation at Wimbledon 2022.

And don’t forget, it isn’t too late to book your tickets for the greatest show on earth – Wimbledon 2022 – whoever turns up for the Centenary celebrations.

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