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Rafael Nadal Wins 21st Grand Slam To Lead Djokovic And Federer

Australian Open

January 30, 2022

Rafael Nadal has made tennis history, just a few short weeks after doubting he could ever play our beloved sport again.

You couldn’t make up a story as astonishing as this. People would probably dismiss the plot as too unrealistic.

Truth really is stranger than fiction at times. And we are all so lucky to have seen Melbourne’s delicious drama unfold in Rafa’s favour 2-6, 6-7 (5-7), 6-4, 6-4, 7-5.

Rafael Nadal became the first Australian Open finalist to come from two sets down and still take the title. It took extraordinary courage to make that kind of history – and the rewards are huge.

Rafa becomes the first of the Big Three to reach twenty-one Grand Slams. Few saw this coming a fortnight ago. The Spaniard had been out for six months!

Now he has set the race for all-time greatness alight. Novak Djokovic will be looking on with a mixture of frustration and admiration from back home.

Roger Federer will probably know that he must win Wimbledon 2022 or forever stay behind Rafa.

This fresh drama sets up The Championships in London so beautifully.

Novak Djokovic is stranded on twenty Slams like Federer. Wimbledon’s reigning champion will be desperate to defend his title on grass.

Wimbledon’s Centenary Year will see battles of truly epic and historic proportions.

What Rafael Nadal just achieved in Australia makes Wimbledon 2022 an even more fascinating and important moment in the history of tennis.

A perfect moment in time. Three prolific title winners going at it one last time for eternal supremacy.

Well done Rafael Nadal for giving the three-way rivalry an unexpected plot twist. He earned it the hard way.

After five hours and twenty-four minutes of the most extraordinary gladiatorial action, Nadal sank to his knees and took it all in.

This just shouldn’t have been possible for a thirty-five-year-old whose foot just wasn’t getting better as Christmas neared.

Daniil Medvedev is an absolute machine and such miracles don’t usually occur against men like him.

And yet this really has happened. The ultimate tennis warrior has prevailed. Can he do so again at the French Open?

Can Rafael Nadal then add another Wimbledon title to his collection at Wimbledon 2022?

Anything is possible because Nadal is so strong mentally.

He broke in the final set with a stunning forehand pass down the line. But woundingly he was broken back after being just two points away from winning the match.

That would have destroyed most people. Indeed Nadal used an uncharacteristic expletive during his Eurosport post-match interview when he relived the moment.

But Rafa stayed calm out on court when it mattered. Incredibly he simply broke again and finally finished off his opponent with a backhand volley at the net.

Nadal said afterwards: ‘Good evening or rather good morning. I don’t have any doubt Daniil you will have this trophy a couple of times in your career. You are amazing.

‘This is one of the most emotional matches in my career. A month-and-a-half ago I didn’t know if I would be able to be back on tour and now I have this trophy.

‘The huge support I have received in the last few weeks is going to stay in my heart for the rest of my career. So many, many thanks.

‘In the last year-and-a-half the low moments have been so hard and my team have been there for me and made this possible.

‘This could have been my last Australian Open but now I have plenty of energy to keep going and I’m going to try my best to come back next year!’

Nadal could feel so rejuvenated that he could also go deep at Wimbledon 2022.

Can he win it? Yes! On this kind of form, he could even take another precious title on Centre Court.

The physical demands of his latest heroics hit him soon after the match, though.

He revealed: ‘I am just destroyed now but super, super happy. I can’t describe how special this feeling is for me.

‘I can’t believe how I resisted in a match like this after so long out.

‘I’m sorry for Daniil, I have been in that position but today was for me.

‘I was tired in the first two sets and had two chances in that second set but got nervous.

‘I just tried to keep believing. I thought “I’ve lost a lot of matches here when I’ve been ahead, so maybe this time I can win from behind.”

‘I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I hadn’t fought to the end. I thought “I can’t give up.”

‘I played a great last game.’

Indeed he did. That last game brought the house down. The Australian Open has never seen anything quite like it. Tears and cheers galore. What a climax!

Medvedev said: ‘I want to congratulate Rafa. What you did today was insane. Are you made of iron? You’re an amazing champion.

‘I want to thank my team. My wife is usually in the box but the TV is probably broken now. I’m gonna try to be better next time.’

And Medvedev is due a great run at Wimbledon. Will 2022 finally be his year? It’s possible!

What we know for sure is that the drama at Wimbledon 2022 will be just as extraordinary as we have seen in Australia. Because it always is!

Come and join us for the biggest Wimbledon action. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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