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Boris Becker Warns Emma Raducanu, Andy Murray Wins Again

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September 22, 2021

Boris Becker has offered Emma Raducanu an interesting perspective on tennis superstardom as a teenager.

Very few will know what Brit sensation Raducanu is going through after her extraordinary US Open win.

But Becker won Wimbledon when he was only 17 and managed to repeat that success the very next year.

How we would all love the wonderful Emma Raducanu to win Wimbledon 2022!

For that to happen, Emma needs to remain grounded and focused on her tennis.

Right now everyone wants a piece of her and Becker knows how distracting that can be.

Tennis must remain the centre of everything. Raducanu has handled the spotlight perfectly so far.

But Becker knows the long game is even more challenging.

Wimbledon legend Boris explained: ‘She is so popular because she won a tennis match and nothing else.

‘The speech after her victory was as if she had done it a hundred times before.

‘A politician couldn’t express herself much better than this 18-year-old. She did everything right. But now the real work starts.

‘It’s not always easy and I speak from my own experience.

‘You’re still growing up, you make mistakes, you trust the wrong friends and so on.

‘That may also happen to her, but I hope she will be well protected.’

The people around Emma must handle the commercial side for he and keep her feet on the ground.

Ideally she should be able to enjoy some of the trappings of fame without becoming a slave to celebrity.

If she can achieve that balance, Becker believes she will be fantastic for our sport.

Becker said: ‘Tennis is back in vogue! That wasn’t the case for while!

‘We need this publicity. This is an unbelievably great development.’

Meanwhile Raducanu’s old mentor Andy Murray is back to winning ways.

He launched a typically spirited comeback against Ugo Humbert at the Moselle Open and closed out with an ace to clinch a 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 victory.

Murray is keen for more victories at minor tournaments because more victories mean more matches.

And more matches will mean Murray can reach peak fitness in good time for Wimbledon 2022.

What an amazing Wimbledon that will be! The perfect fusion of tennis generations.

Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu.

Two British Grand Slam winners at their home tournament.

Now who wouldn’t want to be at Wimbledon 2022.

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