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Andy Murray: This Could Be My Last Wimbledon


June 22, 2021

Andy Murray has finally echoed what we have been telling our WDH customers for the last few months.

And that makes Wimbledon 2021 particularly precious.

The last few days of the tournament are always hugely attractive and Centre Court tickets for the climax of The Championships always sell like hotcakes.

But tickets for the first week may also take on an added value if Andy Murray is the man you want to see.

Although Murray continues to insist he could win Wimbledon 2021 if he gets on a roll, it would be a considerable achievement under the current circumstances for the brave Scot to reach the second week and enjoy the rich variety of the very last Manic Monday.

We hope he lives the dream and conjures his magic with exquisite timing to go deep again this year.

Andy has won Wimbledon twice before. On this stage he could still be capable of anything.

But to be sure of following Murray’s Wimbledon 2021 journey, we advise securing Centre Court tickets from the start.

The welcome he will receive and the final farewell on Centre Court will be memories to treasure for a lifetime.

This could be the most emotional Wimbledon ever.

It’s not just Andy Murray who could be playing his last Wimbledon. Roger Federer and Serena Williams may be in the same situation.

So this is the big one. These are The Championships to attend if you want to be sure of seeing the all-time-greats one last time.

Murray is very open about his own mindset going into Wimbledon 2021. He fully admits it could be his last. He doesn’t want that to be the case but he is also a realist.

Andy told Sky Sports: ‘To me it’s not so much necessarily worrying about it being my last one. But it’s something I think about because I’ve had so many injuries and so many setbacks that you don’t really know what’s around the corner.

‘So I want to try and approach each tournament and each match that I play like it could my last one so that I get the most out of it. That’s why I want to prepare well here and go into the bubble on Wednesday evening to try and get there early and practise at Wimbledon.

‘I don’t want it to be my last Wimbledon, certainly not, I want to keep playing, I don’t feel like I want to stop just now, I want to keep going.

‘But to me it’s more about the body and if I’m restricted in how I can prepare. If I can’t prepare properly to compete, that’s when I think it’s not really fair on yourself to keep putting yourself out there because you’re not properly prepared and can’t really do yourself justice.

‘If that was the case, where I was having to compromise on my practice and training just to get out on the match court and my results weren’t good then that’s something obviously we’d look at.

‘But providing I can train and prepare well and I’m still enjoying it then I’ll do it for as long as I can.’

The easiest way to read Murray’s remarks is that he will quit if he can’t get a good clear run without injury and a series of wins under his belt.

No one knows what is around the corner, as Murray admits. But Andy has clearly thought long and hard about his current predicament.

Wimbledon 2021 could be his last and so he fully intends to enjoy every moment.

Will you be there to cheer on Britain’s favourite sportsman?

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