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Murray Backs Federer in Wimbledon Bromance

Roland Garros

June 7, 2021

Andy Murray and Roger Federer can’t wait to see each other at Wimbledon 2021.

Just imagine if they end up playing each other on Centre Court one last time!

Imagine the reaction of the crowd. The intimacy of the atmosphere. Your ringside seat to sporting history.

The recent rekindling of their bromance has been something to behold.

It illustrates just how much Wimbledon means to Murray and Federer.

Why it’s the greatest Grand Slam of them all and the only place to be this summer.

Regular readers of WDH blogs won’t have been surprised when Federer pulled out of the second week at Roland Garros.

Even after he beat Marin Cilic we told you: ‘In a sense it is already mission accomplished.’

Federer had shaken off the ring-rust and he was ready for Wimbledon. That’s what it was all about.

Wimbledon is all that matters to the greatest now.

Andy Murray got it.

Indeed during Federer’s epic struggle against Dominik Koepfer at Roland Garros, Murray tweeted that the result didn’t matter.

He wrote: ‘I’m not bothered by the outcome of this match at all. Just seeing Federer at 39 off the back of two knee surgeries playing to an empty stadium at 12.30am getting fired up is inspirational to me. Do what you love.’

After wining that match, Federer responded: ‘Thank you Sir Andy, the feeling is mutual. You gotta love it. See you on the grass.’

Roger could have played the second week of the French Open but chose not to. As we had already explained, it was mission accomplished. Federer knew he couldn’t win the French Open.

But Federer definitely thinks he can win Wimbledon 2021.

And that is the goal for Andy Murray too. That is why he is already training at Wimbledon.

When a few people who didn’t properly grasp or analyse the last few days chose to criticise Federer’s decision to leave Paris early, Murray leapt to his defence.

He said: ‘In basketball, football etc…players are given reduced minutes to build up their fitness. In tennis you don’t have that luxury of playing a set in your first match, two sets in the next and building up that way.

‘To me it makes sense to be reactive based on how your body feels, length of matches etc. Sensible decision from him.’

And make no mistake, Federer’s body feels just fine. But he wants to keep it that way for Wimbledon. For the big one.

Federer believes he can win his 21st Slam at the Championships.

Meanwhile Murray also believes he can go deep at the All England Club.

He just needs the right run of matches to gain momentum and find his winning rhythm.

Serena Williams feels the same way.

Unlike Federer, she didn’t have the option to play the second week at Roland Garros because she lost to Elena Rybakina.

But she had played a few precious matches and found some form in Paris. She knows she is getting closer to her best.

Serena left feeling happy enough. She explained: ‘I’m in a much better place than when I got here.’

Wimbledon is what matters most to Serena too.

She wants that elusive 24th Slam and she realises that Wimbledon is her best chance of achieving history.

There’s everything to play for at Wimbledon for Federer, Murray and Williams.

You only have to listen to them to realise how much they love the place.

This is why Wimbledon 2021 is so special.

Murray, Federer and Serena all realise deep down that it will probably be their last Grand Slam as serious contenders.

Indeed it’s likely they won’t return as singles players at all after this precious year.

We have told you all along that Wimbledon is their priority, their last hurrah.

And that is why Wimbledon 2021 is the must-see event on the sporting calendar.

The chance to see the all-time-greats one last time before it’s too late.

We can help you be there so that you will always be able to treasure the sporting memory of a lifetime.

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