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Nick Kyrgios Will Ignite Wimbledon 2021

Locker Room

May 27, 2021

Nick Kyrgios is pure box office.

He is arguably the most exciting and unpredictable tennis player on the planet.

Everyone wants to watch him play. You just know there will be fireworks sooner or later.

That’s why it is such good news to hear that Kyrgios will be back on tour in good time for Wimbledon 2021.

He has scheduled in warm-up tournaments at Queen’s and in Mallorca on grass before the main event.

That should shake out the ring-rust before he takes the All England Club by storm.

Kyrgios said: ‘I’m super-excited to get back there.

‘I’m travelling with my best friend and girlfriend and I think now is my time to play.

‘I’ve had time to rest, regroup and see my family so now it’s time to do what I do best.’

Whatever happens at Wimbledon 2021, you just know Nick Kyrgios will play it his own way.

That might even mean a few pints in a pub in Wimbledon village the night before a big match.

Whatever takes Nick’s fancy. He doesn’t care what the critics say.

He loves being compared with another maverick, basketball’s Denis Rodman.

The bad-boy image suits the Australian just fine.

Kyrgios said: ‘I would take that any day of the week, being remembered as the Dennis Rodman of the sport.

‘When I first think of Rodman, I think of someone totally comfortable in his own skin.

‘He played the game he wanted and didn’t really care what others thought.’

Kyrgios loves to speak his mind and that doesn’t always go down well.

In the past he has upset both Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

Diplomacy and Kyrgios don’t really know each other.

But both the biggest superstars know they have a fight on their hands when they are drawn against Kyrgios.

In fact Rafa’s showdown with Nick was one of the highlights of Wimbledon last time around.

Nadal showed a steely nerve when it mattered. But against Novak, Kyrgios often has the upper hand.

And not many tennis players are able to say that!

Kyrgios interacts with the crowd. He talks back when he is disrespected. He can play the pantomime villian.

He can also charm the socks off anyone. He even asked a fan for advice on where to put his serve on one memorable occasion.

Let’s not forget his really caring work for underprivileged kids either.

Who can really read the personality of this hugely popular star?

The tennis tour has missed Kyrgios and even his off-the-wall antics. Now he is ready to play again.

Wimbledon 2021 will be the winner when Kyrgios finds his rhythm once more.

Nick is the supreme entertainer. And we can’t wait to be entertained.

Will you be there too?

And British spectators will give him a warm welcome too. Particularly after his glowing praise for the improving Cameron Norrie.

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