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Wimbledon 2022


May 8, 2021

Wimbledon 2022 is already in the spotlight and you can register your interest now for next year’s Championships with WDH.

It’s going to be a very special year because the famous All England Club will feel sporting history in the air even more than usual.

Wimbledon 2022 marks the centenary of Centre Court. Who wouldn’t want a ticket for the celebrations?

The Wimbledon fortnight will guarantee fantastic tennis entertainment from the best Grand Slam stars in the business.

But this time there will be a unique feel to every single day on the most famous show court in the world.

You can bet that as many former winners as possible will make an appearance in front of the Centre Court spectators.

The crowd will be invited to relive the achievements of the legends.

There will be a nod to one hundred years of glorious tennis history everywhere you look.

And of course spectator numbers will be back to full strength to make for a joyous atmosphere.

We are offering you an early chance to secure your tickets for Wimbledon 2022.

This could be the best piece of advanced planning you ever do.

It gives you more than a year to look forward to a truly unique occasion.

And once you have bought your tickets for Wimbledon 2022, you will be safe in the knowledge that you will always be able to say: ‘I was there for the classic centenary celebrations.’

All this takes nothing away from Wimbledon 2021. The Championships this year will be very emotional after two years of absence.

To welcome back Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Serena Williams – perhaps for the last time as singles players – is not something to be missed.

But a debenture ticket for Wimbledon 2022 will bring you a little something extra.

As we know, the All England Lawn Tennis Club are never complacent and they never like to stand still.

Wimbledon’s organisers love to respect history but they love a modern twist as well. It makes for a perfect blend.

So what has the AELTC come up with for Wimbledon 2022? They are going to make Middle Sunday a permanent playing day to make the Championships a 14-day event!

AELTC chairman Ian Hewitt explained: ‘Thanks to improved grass court technology and maintenance over the past five years or so and other measures, we are comfortable that we are able to look after the courts, most particularly Centre Court, without a full day of rest.

‘This provides us with the opportunity, at an important time, to enhance accessibility, reach the fanbase of Wimbledon and tennis, both in the UK and globally.

‘It will also ensure greater resilience and fairness of the tournament programme for our competitors, and enable us to create a different kind of atmosphere on the Middle Sunday, with a strong focus on the local community in particular.

‘To be able to launch this new tradition at the same time as celebrating the history of Centre Court in 2022 is something we look forward to immensely.’

We anticipate a carnival atmosphere on Middle Sunday at Wimbledon 2022 but of course debenture tickets will still be valid that day.

If you buy debenture tickets for Centre Court or No1 Court for Wimbledon 2022, you will know you have some of the best seats in the house. They are also the only legally transferrable tickets.

That’s why buying a debenture ticket through WDH for Wimbledon 2022 is the smartest move you can make.

Click here to enquire for Wimbledon 2022.

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