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See The Last Wimbledon Manic Monday!


May 5, 2021

Wimbledon 2021 will be the last chance for fans to enjoy Manic Monday – a very special day at The Championships.

The second Monday at Wimbledon is many people’s favourite day.

It’s the day when they all play. Every star left in the Wimbledon singles can be seen in the space of a few action-packed hours!

This has traditionally been a unique feature of Wimbledon. The world’s most beautiful sporting traffic jam.

It happens because the middle Sunday has always been a rest day.

So you get a build-up. A backlog of delicious Monday match-ups.

A glorious concertina of tennis brilliance in the round of 16.

The magical compression of everything into Wimbledon’s Manic Monday.

This will happen one last time in 2021 – and then never again. From 2022 Wimbledon will have play on the middle Sunday too.

It’s understood that more local people will enjoy the tennis on that middle Sunday in future. So in a way this is a positive development for the Wimbledon community and we should embrace it.

But it will also mean the end of Manic Monday – the day we have all loved for so long.

So let’s savour every moment of Manic Monday 2021!

It’s a chance to say: ‘I was there on Wimbledon’s last Manic Monday – when all the true greats were on show.’

Just picture it. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic in one perfect Wimbledon day.

It’s enough to make the mouth water isn’t it?

Here’s how events unfolded last time around in 2019 – just so you can get an idea of where you want to be.

On Centre Court the magnificent Rafael Nadal displayed all his gladiatorial skills to beat Joao Sousa. British favourite Jo Konta dug deep to defeat two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova.

Then the great Roger Federer showed his inimitable grace and poise to equal Jimmy Connors’ record of 185 singles wins on grass with an immaculate victory over Matteo Berrettini.

The world’s favourite player on the world’s most historic court! What more could anyone want as the climax to their day’s sporting entertainment?

Meanwhile No1 Court was treated to wins by eventual champion Novak Djokovic and the legendary Serena Williams. Arguably the two best players of all time on one very special afternoon!

No1 Court fans had the added bonus of feisty teenager Coco Gauff coming up against eventual women’s champion Simona Halep.

Of course, the only way to be sure of seeing all the greats still left in the tournament is to buy tickets for both Centre Court and Court No1 for this ultimate Manic Monday.

Then you can move between the two great show courts at your leisure and drop into an exclusive debenture ticket holders’ restaurant on the way.

Now that really would give you the ultimate Wimbledon tennis experience!

But if you would prefer to stay on one court, then we would be surprised if Roger Federer and Serena Williams weren’t both given the Centre Court stage on Manic Monday in this special year of 2021.

After all, this could be the last year we see them compete in the Wimbledon singles after two decades of sheer brilliance.

Centre Court is where the legends belong. It’s where royalty and Hollywood stars gather too.

Centre Court could be the right place for you, too. Who doesn’t love a bit of glamour?

One thing is for sure, though. Whether you buy tickets for Centre Court or No1 Court for Manic Monday, you are guaranteed world-famous players and top drama.

That’s the beauty of it. Both courts will host the greatest show on earth.

And when the sun goes down on Manic Monday 2021, it will be no more.

Some of us will shed a tear before we welcome a new era.

Wimbledon 2021 will be the last of The Championships as we know them.

Who would want to miss the ultimate Manic Monday and the greatest Grand Slam experience of them all?

Click here to purchase your tickets for Manic Monday!

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