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How to get tickets for Wimbledon 2021


October 1, 2019

Getting Wimbledon Tickets 2020 is not generally a task for the fainthearted. You have to really want them and to go to serious lengths to secure them. But at Wimbledon Debenture Holders, we can do all the hard work for you.

For most big events including other Grand Slams like the Australian Open or the US Open, it’s generally possible to go online or ring the ticket office – and provided you do so in good time, you should succeed for a sensible price.

But to buy tickets for Wimbledon 2020 can require a combination of research skills, patience, single-minded determination, luck, and of course money. Even then you may not get what you want if you don’t come through us.

A ticket through the gate will only qualify you to watch matches on the outside courts, with no guarantee of a seat on Centre Court, No1 Court or even Court Two – and large queues at every point. You run the risk of seeing the back of a lot of other people’s heads rather than any serious tennis.

  1. The Ballot

    One of the cheapest options is to go in for the Ballot run by All England Lawn Tennis Club.

    You will need to fill in an online ballot application form. This must be done after the end of August and before the end of November.

    You will know sometime in February 2020 whether you have successfully secured your chance of tickets. Your chances are around 1 in 10. You may also have to be more flexible with your choice of game and player as your hopes of seeing Andy Murray versus Roger Federer on Centre Court may be fade as you may only get into Court Number 2 on the second Saturday, where the only thing on offer may be an over 45s Mixed Doubles or a Junior boys game.

    The ballot tickets are not transferable, if you can’t go, you have to send them back. And if you are caught trying to sell them on eBay, they will void the ticket. Likewise, if you buy a Ballot ticket on eBay, there is a danger that this will be voided.

    More information can be found on the Official Wimbledon 2019 Ballot Page.

  2. LTA Ballot

    You can choose to join the Lawn Tennis Association. As a non-affiliated member, which costs £25. Then you can be entered into their ballot and you may get a 1 in 5 chance. UK applicants must request an application form by 15 December 2019. The closing date for receipt of all completed ballot applications is 31 December 2019.

    If you play tennis, you should join a tennis club. Many tennis clubs get allocations of tickets and they will also have their own ballots, but each club will only have a handful of tickets.

  3. Become a Player or Umpire or Steward

    If you haven’t got what it takes to qualify for Wimbledon, then you might get to know somebody that has, or there are various officials, such Umpires, even Honorary Stewards who have worked their way into the system to get free tickets.

  4. Become a celebrity or know somebody in the Royal Family

    Wimbledon has the Royal Box which has 74 seats. President Clinton, Princess Diana, Cliff Richard and Jack Nicholson have been seen there in the past. The Queen herself is not a huge fan, and the last time she appeared was in 2010 after 33 years of absence.

    Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge love sport and in particular cheering on Andy Murray from their vantage point in the Royal box. Effortless style often accompanies these outings and no matter the outcome of the tennis, you can be sure the headlines will be littered with the fashion choices of these Royal celebrities for days after.

  5. Become a Member of the AELTC

    The things to understand about the All England Lawn Tennis Club that runs the Wimbledon Championships is that it is just that, a Tennis Club, which happens to run a rather successful tournament. So just join the Tennis Club.

    There are 375 members in all plus 100 temporary Members elected each year. If you have been good enough to win Wimbledon you can be invited to become a Member. Otherwise, election to Membership appears to be a complex process of receiving lots of nominations and having a great deal of money for your subs. And even then, that just gives you the right to buy two tickets for every day. If you find out how to become a member, please let us know.

    It has been said than it’s easier to win Wimbledon that to become a member!

  6. Become a Debenture Holder

    If you don’t know the right people to become a member but are prepared to invest some money, become a Wimbledon Debenture Holder. Buying Debentures is like buying shares, except much more difficult. You sign a cheque for about £50,000 for Centre Court Debentures, or £30,000 for Court number 1, send it to Wimbledon and if you are very, very lucky you will make it through that particular ballot and will be entitled to a seat each day for five years of the tournament. Issues of Debentures only happen every 5 years, so you have to be well informed or be prepared to buy them at a substantial premium at other times.

  7. Buy Debenture Tickets

    Alternatively, you can buy Wimbledon Debenture tickets from a Debenture Holder. Many of the sites that sell Wimbledon tickets are selling Debenture seats. They are the only ones that can be transferred and sold on.

    At Wimbledon Debenture Holders we have created an organisation of Debenture Holders who are selling their tickets via the site to people who want to go, rather than selling them on to agents. You will also have access to the Debenture Lounges where you will have the opportunity to spend even more money on very pleasant food and drink.

  8. Queue up

    Queuing is a glorious British tradition. I have friends who enjoy the Wimbledon Queue more than the tennis itself. They do it every single year. They make lifelong friends, share food and drink and war stories, and often spend several days and nights queuing. If you have the time and the inclination, you can get in this way. There are only a handful available each day for the show courts. Be prepared to invest in sleeping bags, camping equipment, sun hats and warm clothes. Enjoy!

  9. Corporate entertainment

    Various large companies and tickets agencies have special allocations for corporate hospitality. So if you are for instance an important customer of a corporate giant, make sure you drop some serious hints about how much you would love to go to Wimbledon 2020 and watch the tennis. Not only will you get to go, but you will be wined and dined throughout the day. There is a snag with this. Some of the hospitality tents can be quite far from the action, and if you actually enjoy watching tennis, you may have to watch it on a screen in the hospitality tent. If you have ever wondered when you watch Wimbledon on TV, why there are so many empty seats, their occupants are often to be found drinking champagne a mile or two away.

So there it is. Wimbledon 2021 awaits but cut out all the hard work, headaches and worry. Leave the job of securing your tickets to Wimbledon Debenture Holders. We’ll make sure you get what you want.

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