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Murray Makes History!


July 7, 2013


He knelt sobbing as they chanted his name. Different tears this time.

Historic, heroic, moving, magnificent…

How do you describe one of the most memorable moments British sport has ever seen?

‘I can’t believe this,’ said his girlfriend Kim Sears as Andy prepared to serve out the match.

And that was before the tortuous final game. ‘Imagine playing it!’ Murray said afterwards.

After so many years of hurt, no one could quite imagine what might be going through his mind. But he shut the demons out, stayed strong…and now he has done it.

At last. The perfect day.

When he realised he had won, Andy Murray’s obvious joy and relief were so powerful that words became unnecessary.

He hugged everyone except his mum Judy…then he went back and hugged her too.

The tears provided the perfect climax to an impossibly dramatic Wimbledon. A chapter that will never be forgotten in the glorious story of the tournament.

After last year’s Centre Court agony, after years of unimaginable pressure, after all those match points, Andy Murray kept coming back.

Now he has his reward. And so – dare I say it – do we British!

We’re always very careful not to focus too much on British players here.

Tennis fans come from all corners of the earth, we know that and we’re glad of it. We talk of all the others with love and affection, as you’ll know from these blogs.

But after a wait of 77 years – since the great Fred Perry triumphed here in

1936 – who can blame we Brits for enjoying this moment? Let’s face it…could be 2090 before it happens again…you have to seize the moment, right?

It all seemed unreal…like a beautiful dream. But Murray will always be a Wimbledon Champion now. The pressure will never be the same. He has a lifetime to enjoy what he has achieved.

Let’s spare a thought for Novak Djokovic. He played his part and played it well, but couldn’t hit former heights. Juan Martin Del Potro had softened it up too much in the semi-final. And Novak had won Wimbledon before. He couldn’t match Andy’s hunger.

Murray had matured, so when he was tested he had the answers. Well done Andy Murray. You started out at Wimbledon as a boy. This year you proved you really are the man.

So that was Wimbledon. We said it would be good, didn’t we?

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